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"Slow making" -- what a great term! I had never heard of it before. I was always bad at knitting and crocheting even before I got arthritis, but the concept is something I've been working on learning myself since retiring.

I too tended toward the moving very fast, doing lots of stuff, YAY -- though not the last few years before Covid (burnout), or when I had periods of depression where I basically collapsed and did nothing except lie in bed and read all day and most of the night. Then Covid, and a global screeching halt.

And I'm working on not rushing my writing (so far my brain is still stuck on the scholarly stuff but I hope it resets to fiction sometime soon!) in great part because I simply do not have the energy I had. I wish I'd started working on this approach earlier -- my last decade at the university might have been very different.

But during Covid, we started doing puzzles (which are definitely a slow thing, at least the way we do them). We get our puzzles from Liberty Puzzles (hmm, don't see automatic linking button for comments, so, https://www.libertypuzzles.com/): and they definitely require patience, slowness, and did I say patience! We puzzle about 75 minutes a week (Friday afternoons) on a regular basis.

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