Who are you?

I’ve had a lot of names at this point, but you can call me Anne. I’m a speculative fiction author (Willa Blythe), a single mom, a fiber artist, a gamer, and a lesbian who grew up in rural Texas. These perspectives have all blended to make me very strange, but it’s a good kind of strange.

I think.

What are we doing here?

What an incredible question. No, really, it’s amazing, because that’s really the big question, right? And you’re asking me of all people?

What the hell are we doing here?

From gifted kid to anxious adult to creature of creative chaos, I'm getting pretty good at personal transformation. I tend to do it somewhat regularly—whether it’s changing my name, or my goals, or my hair, or my hobby du jour, I’m constantly juggling some new aspect of self. Some people (my therapist) might call it ADHD (it is), but I like to think it helps me, in some small ways at least, pinpoint areas that I could be improving, so I can get out of this life better than I came into it. Grand as that sounds, I sort of want to help you do that, too.

Okay, but I meant what are we doing in this newsletter, not on this earth.

Embarrassingly existential? Me? …Yeah that tracks.

This newsletter is an opportunity for me to share aspects of my creative world that might be entertaining, inspiring, challenging, or at the very least, hopefully, interesting. In this space, I’ll share info about upcoming releases, reflections on creative practices, snippets you won’t find anywhere else, and pieces of the person behind the pen.

Okay… I think I’m in.

Wow! Great. It worked. (Kidding!) [Kinda…]

If you’re interested in supporting my work as a creator, I encourage you to check out my website at http://willablythe.com, and please share this newsletter with your loved ones.

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